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Greetings from Croatia!

Napísané: 4. Júla 2014, 18:39
od užívateľa Darko_aof
Hello society,

to introduce myself, I am an amateur radio and love nature walks.
By the way I find the occasional weather probe (RS92-SGPD, RS92-SGPW, M2K2 and M10).


Re: Greetings from Croatia!

Napísané: 6. Júla 2014, 19:23
od užívateľa Krun0
Hello, my RS hunter colleague !
I hope You not angry on me, showing picture from our (turn out joined) hunt on M2K2 near Varazdin..

Old fox beat me 10 minutes, because i lost my way thrum nearby village.
He switch it off just after moment i picked up GPS coordinates...
so i went on site and catch him in "crime" .....
(darko-right, kruno-left(behind, or read "too late" :mrgreen: )