Hello from Krapina/CRO

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Príspevky: 45
Dátum registrácie: 2. Júla 2014, 18:40
Bydlisko: Krapina/HR JN76VD

Hello from Krapina/CRO

Príspevok od užívateľa Krun0 » 5. Júla 2014, 09:40

hello All
I'm from Croatia...among many hobbies like
astronomy, electronics, computers, long walks... i found weather radiosonde hunting as my latest.
....nice synthesis of radio communication, computers,
recreation and navigation in nature and thrill of search and find.

Until now i have been found a dozen radiosondes types M2K2,M10,RS92 from
Zagreb, Ljubljana and Graz...using different techniques from
walking with binoculars, radiogoniometry with Baofeng,
which is delicate procedure with attenuators, to
decoding GPS data on sight and walking to it directly...

Latest Zagreb change to RS41 gave me much of headache....
..with balloon burst kill and GFSK modulation....

My first efforts to track this sonde is in progress,
modeling local wind condition directly with data from sonde and then
simulate descend curve.....still waiting occasion to test this method ...
will not be much precise, but is all i got at the moment..

I have no way to decode RS41, so Darko from Krizevci gave me kindly few logs,
he receive with software created by somebody from this forum i presume...
Is it possible to get this software for strictly personal use ,
and/or any information regarding decoding signal from RS41?
Thanks for reading.
Best regards to all .

few pictures and files as my intro
Naposledy upravil/-a Krun0 v 21. Septembra 2014, 10:35, upravené celkom 1 krát.

Užívateľov profilový obrázok
Príspevky: 45
Dátum registrácie: 2. Júla 2014, 18:40
Bydlisko: Krapina/HR JN76VD

Re: hello from Krapina/CRO

Príspevok od užívateľa Krun0 » 16. Septembra 2014, 16:20

this is all probes which i had located in one year from October 2013.
(two pins out of map included)
Because of RS41 burst-kill, from now on i can only expect occasional M10 probe :(

yellow M2K2
orange M10
blue RS92 Zagreb
black RS92 Graz
white RS41
green my location

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