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Greetings from Hungary

Napísané: 16. Októbra 2015, 21:27
od užívateľa thieringpeti
Me with a DFM-06
Welcome slovakian and chech radiosonde fans!

We're chasing radiosondes launched from Budapest. Our station uses Graw DFM-06's launched at 11:15UTC and RS92SGP's at 23:15UTC. At my QTH, I use a 6-element rotated yagi for sonde tracking. With my friend, we've collected more than 40 Graw and Vaisala sondes...

Re: Greetings from Hungary

Napísané: 20. Októbra 2015, 19:55
od užívateľa Kociš
Welcome to Visegrad group ;)